I recently met with my clients & their caterer for an upcoming wedding.  When the bride was asked if she's ready, she replied, "I don't know how you (meaning me, Billie @ Best Day Ever) does this over and over." 

I always ask my couples why they chose to use...

Planning a bachelorette party for a close friend or family member can quickly turn into a big job. When you’re responsible for a group of people and want to make sure the bride-to-be has a memorable event, it can be a little overwhelming. When you’re on a tight budget,...

I'm often asked by brides and grooms for suggestions on what to get their entourage for being who they are - the most important friends/family members ever.  That's a toughie because, in many cases, I've not met your bridesmaids and groomsmen until the rehearsal.  In t...

April 4, 2019

There's a ton of topics that fall under the giant heading "REGISTRY", but, you know I try to keep it simple.  Today, we're going to hit on a top ## list, but first, a few key pointers when it comes to creating your registry.

As always, think of your guests.  Make s...

Now, I'm not talking about that romantic night out, the special window seat, the perfect meal and a glorious bottle of vino, I'm talking about your wedding date

I attended a wedding in Alabama this past Fall. It was quite a change as it’s the first time I’ve been a wedding guest since going full throttle into this wedding planning business. I sat and observed and tried not to physically tick when I saw something that I would t...

Right now it’s 31 in NJ and I’m sitting in a bath with a lovely glass of wine and a good book. That’s my IG worthy story anyway. And while it’s mostly true (there’s no wine), you don’t see the whole picture (not that you want to see a picture of me in the tub-that woul...

Wedding planning (starts off) FUN!  Why would anyone want to outsource such an important day?  Check out the top 5 reasons below to get yourself a wedding planner ASAP!

Spend Money to Save Money:

Many times we hear, “we can’t afford a planner.”  I ask, “How can you...

It seems like every day someone is claiming to be a wedding planner simply because he/she planned his/her own wedding this year. What does it take to be a wedding planner anyway?

We are over a month since the latest “Royal Wedding”.  I immediately wanted to write about it after waking up at 4:30am on the East Coast to see the historic event.  But, I decided, and life helped me to decide, that it was best to wait a while.  To let it soak in, to...

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