Don't Wear Beige

Back when I started my other career, one of the most important mentors of my life passed on some advice that he had received. “Wear beige,” he said. He was not giving me fashion advice. He was suggesting that a key to success in my career was to blend in, don’t stand out, and don’t make waves. He guided me well in so many ways for so many years. He will be the first to admit that one thing I could never do was “blend in”. I’m not made for that. As hard as I sometimes try, I just don’t fit in molds.

As a wedding planner, I’m utilizing all of the traits that I was supposed to keep suppressed for the benefit of my brides. The last thing I want my brides to do is blend in. Your event is supposed to stand out. It’s supposed to be unique. It’s not supposed to be beige.

If you asked for my top design suggestion, I would tell you to forego the venue-provided beige linens and stand out. Work with your planner to find the best possible eye-catching linens for your event. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Imagine walking into a reception with 20 tables of crisp ivory table linens each table prepared with 8-10 place settings complete with a crisp white napkins folded to look like a fan.

Now imagine walking into a reception with the same 20 tables with salmon colored table linens and deep chocolate napkins adorning each place setting.

Do you see it? Do you feel the difference?

The second scene isn’t sterile. It’s alive. It’s not "blending in". It’s yours. It’s screaming, “This is me. This is my time. This is My wedding!”. It’s unlike any reception you’ve been to before.

Your guests are going to be left with a vibrant impression.

Your Best Day Ever will forever be colorful and rich not only in your photo album but in your memory.

For more eye-popping ideas and access to the fine linens seen here, contact me today at I can’t wait to meet you to discuss the possibilities!

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