Let There Be Cake

That's a gorgeous cake in my humble opinion. I cannot begin to express how proud I am of that beauty. As a wedding planner, many confuse what our role in a wedding actually is. I am not confused at all. My role is to see to it that your day goes as planned, no matter what. (for other details see my FAQ)

What does that have to do with a cake? So, here’s the scenario that brings my role as a NJ wedding planner and that lovely cake together. An awesome photographer (Abigail Gingerale Photography) was looking for some help planning a styled shoot on the beach in Long Branch, NJ. I somehow found the courage to raise my hand. I suggested to Abigail that she allow a local wedding planner to take over some of the tasks that needed to be completed to make the styled shoot a success. Abigail was so welcoming of my help, shared her vision for the shoot with me, and I got started ticking off to-do tasks.

Everything seemed to fall perfectly in to place. The Bridal Suite Boutique in Hamilton, NJ, offered us not 1 but 3 wedding dress samples to use. Flowers by Melinda Too in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, was on board to provide us with the florals needs to make the simple Bohemian wedding shoot a sight to behold. We had a wonderful calligrapher helping and Abigail’s team had lined up a couple perfect models….. all that was missing was a baker.

With limited time to plan and at the peak of wedding season, I couldn’t find a single baker to provide a cake or even a dummy cake (brides – take note of that term, it’ll save you big $$). The bakers that I spoke with were so sorry that they couldn’t fit in just one more project, but I understood and applauded them for knowing their limits.

So what’s a girl to do? What is a wedding planner to do? I strapped on my superhero cape (not really) and I made magic happen. I'm no baker, that's for sure, but I am a fan of "Semi-Homemade". That two tier cake you see in the photo was once two separate cakes bought from BJs Wholesale Club. The cakes were white with electric purple icing rimming the top and bottom and those famous/infamous icing flowers were scattered all over the top in neon pink, green and yellow. I drew up my vision for how the cake was to look in my "Jo-Jo Book", then I deconstructed BJs finest selections, and iced them to have that rustic, bohemian look we were seeking.

The next day, I drove 35 miles to Point Pleasant Beach to pick up Melinda’s gorgeous floral creations and headed home for the rest of my gear including the cakes. My lovely companion (who has been rumored to be a wonderful husband by the way) and I headed off on another 45 mile trek in the scorching summer heat.

(Side note, my lovely companion is an avid surfer, so to be headed to the beach hauling wedding dresses, flowers, candles, and cakes instead of a surfboard must have really hurt him. I don’t overlook his sacrifices for me and Best Day Ever!)

Once we arrived at the site of the styled shoot, the cake pictured above was assembled in the late summer heat in the back of a Ford Explorer. The floral placement, the leaves, the ribbon, the stand, the tablescape, I did that. I had to do that. That’s what this wedding planners does.

I pride myself in taking and fixing almost any unfortunate circumstance that may arise during an event by making sure it looks as if it was exactly as planned. I always tell my brides, “If something isn’t exactly perfect on your wedding day, I promise you, only you and I will know the truth.” It’s part of my vow. It’s what I sign up to do when I book my brides.

Is it crazy sometimes? You bet. Is it worth it? When a bride embraces you at the end of the day and says, “Everything was perfect!” Yes, 100% worth it!

Not bad for a couple BJs cakes, right?

~Below are more images from this beautiful event for you to enjoy~

Photography - Abigale Gingerale Photography

Florals - Flowers by Melinda Too

Calligrapher - Calligraphy by Mary Ellen

Bridal Boutique - Bridal Suite Boutique

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