She said "Yes!", Now What?

This post takes me back to that fateful day (August 1, 2004) on LBI (Long Beach Island, NJ) when my beloved spent what seemed like an eternity out surfing while I sat and watched from the packed beach. I hardly remember what it was like to be alone at the beach and I should have ​​cherished those hours a little more than I did, in hindsight. He did spend forever in the water though, however, what I didn't know was that when his feet hit the sand, his knee was soon to follow. ​ Was he out there making peace with his decision? I asked that later and he said he never had a more peaceful day in the water than that day. Everything was just as it should be (awwwwww).

When he came ashore, on bended-knee, he asked me to "do me a favor? Marry me." I remember a lot of "holy moly's" and hugs and salty kisses and stares from strangers.

​I was expecting it. I knew he had asked my dad (who may or may not have told him to hold off and follow his dreams first). I knew he had bought the ring (he had asked what size I wore and I quickly answered "2 carats" - ladies, bank that reply!). But that moment never comes when you think it's coming.

We quickly left the beach super excited - me with my fiance and ring, him with the girl who believed in him.... soaking wet, one knee in the sand of the Jersey shore....he knows the rest of that summary.

​But then what? We had to call someone. We had to share the news before Facebook even existed. I'm so glad we were engaged before the FB took over. Matt knew immediately that he first wanted to call Wooten, his best friend and soon-to-be best man. I can remember the excitement in Matt's voice and the pride in Wooten's as they exchanged their manly "love ya man" phrases. I specifically remember passing Bonnet Island Estate on LBI as he talked to Wooten. I dreamed that I'd get married there.

I called home and told my parents and started making checklists in my head. We then got to go to family get-togethers and tell the story over and over again. We went to work and shared the joy with friends and showed off the bling. We ran into old high school friends and introduced our soon-to be spouses. We spent the next 14 months planning our dream day and sharing our good news.

Now, it seems that every moment, even big moments, become little on a news-feed somewhere. It's sad to me. I was able to hear the excitement in the voice of each well-wisher. Today's brides get thumbs up and emojis. It can be so much more.

I urge each of my future Best Day Ever brides to do me one favor.... when he pops the question, wait at least 4-5 days before posting, tweeting, snapping (whatever that means) the news. Share the excitement in REAL TIME, like REAL TIME. In person, not on a gadget. I promise, 12 years later, you'll hear the happiness of each response replayed in your memory. It's truly priceless and worth about 5000 likes!

PS - I have no idea who the people are in these stock images. Planning proposals and having a photographer on hand was not even thought of back in the day when we got engaged. However, if' you're planning to get engaged soon, be sure BEST DAY EVER is on board to plan the proposal! We have a package for that!

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