I said Yes!

Thirteen years ago today, my one true love asked me to be his wife. Actually, he asked, "Do me a favor, marry me?" I had no idea then how many times over he would repay that one favor.

Let me tell you where we were at that point in our lives. I was out of college working a full-time job and dealing with some pretty intense medical issues with a smile on my face. Matt was working 2, sometimes 3 jobs every day. We had no idea about the life we would have ahead of us. Truly, we probably had no idea of the gravity of the things we were facing at that time. Maybe he did, with a bit of a medical background, he probably understood all those words like schwanoma, carotid artery, stroke... I just understood that Matt believed in me and knew I'd be alright.

Matt always refers to me saying yes as his proof that he is smarter than me. He tells everyone that he "married up". It's so sweet and so not true. I'm way smarter than him (haha) and I usually don't deserve him.

I said yes, and jumped in to planning our wedding. I picked a date where my sisters could wear red (because they can rock the color that I never could) and went from there. Everything red. That was my only design inspiration. I didn't get my make-up done that day, I did it myself. My hair was a simple chignon bun. Don't get me wrong, we didn't cut any corners. I had the most amazing wedding. I just didn't get myself worked up about the details. They didn't matter so much. We had a good DJ, good venue, good florist, good food, good friends, and a good time.

Now that I plan weddings, I see so many getting stuck in the details. While they are important in the making of a beautiful wedding album, I always take the time to tell my brides & grooms, to breathe. Simply remember that the most important detail is the face of the one you will be looking into when you say, "I do".

Today, on the anniversary, of me saying yes and becoming engaged, I thank Matt for always keeping me focused on the most important details in life - him and our girls and always believing in me. We got this!


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