Royal Wedding Thoughts

We are over a month since the latest “Royal Wedding”. I immediately wanted to write about it after waking up at 4:30am on the East Coast to see the historic event. But, I decided, and life helped me to decide, that it was best to wait a while. To let it soak in, to step away from the hysteria and really determine my own thoughts on such a big day for the wedding industry and the world.

My Royal Thoughts which should be worth a six-pence or two….

HRH The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, Rachel, whatever you choose to call her stayed true to herself on her wedding day. Her day was not about comparing to other Royal Weddings. She did her thing as any true feminist would do. She didn’t worry about the tiara on anyone else’s royal head, she simply wore hers…. well, she borrowed one from the Queen, but she was marrying her grandson and all.

The words that come to mind most when I think back to that early morning on May 19, 2018, are “natural”, “authentic”, and “simple”. It was simply about love. It wasn’t about the dress. It wasn’t about the flowers. It wasn’t about the hair and the makeup. She took the top wedding stressors for every bride planning her wedding today and threw them out the window. She told the world, simply by walking down one of the most well-known aisles in the world that on that day, she didn’t care about things. She cared only about the love of her Prince Charming waiting at the end of that aisle. She gave every bride the right to just be herself.

Effortless and classy. I dare say that she didn’t spend the morning in 3-4 hours of hair and make-up. She showed up looking like the Meghan that Harry fell in love with. Many times, brides go "Hollywood" on their wedding day. I’m not saying that’s wrong, but Hollywood said, “Nope, not me. Not today. He loves me for the me that he sees first thing in the morning - the me that no one else gets to see.”

So what can we take away from this Royal Wedding? Brides can take a step back and do as I always try to emphasize – plan YOUR wedding. Just let it all go…. Pinterest, your BFF’s wedding album, your other BFF’s wedding plans, your parents’ visions, your sister’s input…. All of it. Let it go! Look at your life and the life you want to build with your fiancé and plan a day that reflects ONLY that.

Meghan and Harry could have taken each detail of Kate & William’s wedding and played the “one-up” game, but what’s the sense in that? That would have been Kate & William’s Wedding #2. They, instead, with grace, class, and respect went their own way. A more simple way that I feel life affords Harry & his bride.

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