What should I register for?

There's a ton of topics that fall under the giant heading "REGISTRY", but, you know I try to keep it simple. Today, we're going to hit on a top ## list, but first, a few key pointers when it comes to creating your registry.

As always, think of your guests. Make sure there are items in every price range so that everyone can find something they are proud to give to you. Think of it in thirds, I suggest. One third of the items should be under $50, 1/3 of the items between $50-$150, and 1/3 of the items above $150. You know your guest list so you know where most people would be comfortable. If you have to tweak the "thirds rule" always add to the price range that would be most acceptable to your guests. Slide the scale if your guests would be comfortable higher or lower than this range. It's okay to include a few pricey items on your list because some guests may group together and chip in towards that gift for you.

Register at a few different places. Some of my favorites are #Amazon, #Zola, and #Target. There is something for everyone on those lists. Others like to add some items from #BedBathandBeyond, #Wayfair and #Frontgate. I like the ease many of these online retail stores offers with free shipping. If you register online, be sure to check if you want the gifts delivered direct to you or to the purchaser. I've seen a few cases where the couple has received shower gifts at home while the purchaser was waiting for them to arrive to be wrapped for the shower. Some online registries clearly indicate where the gifts should deliver. Others, you may have to do some digging for that option.

How many? We often suggest that you have as many gifts on the registry as you have guests. If you're having a 200 person wedding, register for 200ish gifts. I'd like for you to be surprised at your shower, so try not to check the registries often or at all if you have a ton of willpower. Possibly assign your MOH the duty of adding some items (from a list you provide) to the registry so you won't be tempted to see if anyone got you the new #Keurig yet!

Now the important stuff - What should you register for?

1 - Vacuum Cleaner -This is important! Register for a robotic vacuum cleaner now! This is life-changing. We have the Shark Ion and though there are other more expensive options available, I can't fathom what else one could do that this version can't. From anywhere in the world, you can set her to clean and off she goes. I say "she" because during the super easy programming set-up, you get to name your robot. Naturally, I named her Rosie after the famous maid on the Jetsons!

2 - Alexa - Staying with the tech-age tools, people are loving on Alexa. Alexa is capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, traffic, sports, and other real-time information, such as news. Alexa can also control several smart devices using itself as a home automation system. (wiki) Even though wedding planning will be over, life will get more hectic as you get on with your happily ever after. Having a device to keep you and your partner on the same page could come in handy.

3 - Picnic Pack -who doesn't dream of being whisked away to the South of France with a bottle of champagne, a baguette, and some local cheeses? It can't only be me! If you're lucky, you're headed there on your honeymoon. If you're like the rest of us, you're going to have to pretend for awhile. Grab a set of bikes, this cute, well-equipped picnic basket and head out to an open field for a romantic picnic for two. There are tons of options available. Click on the pic for some choices at Target.

4 - Linens - I know it sounds boring, but they seriously will come in handy. Who wants to go out and buy sheets, towels, washcloths? Your guests that's who. It's a great option for them and sometihng you will always need. Now if you want to get all fancy, add a towel warmer to that registry and see who loves ya.

5 - Air Mattress - whether you're the outdoorsy camping type or the entertaining type, an air mattress can be very useful. Many couples starting out don't necessarily have a guest bedroom, but they often have guests. Or, they take weekend get-away trips out into nature or to their college roommates apartment in the City. It'll sure beat sleeping on the cold ground or bunking on the couch.

6 - Yard Games - Your whole registry doesn't have to be filled with practical items. Have a little fun! Who wouldn't want to play some yard games at the next family gathering?

I could fill out the list with 3 more items to make it a round 10, but that's not typically how I do things. There are times in decorating a wedding, when you have it perfect, but if you tweak it one more time, you've gone too far. You have to know when enough is enough.

I will include a couple of things you shouldn't register for just to make sure we got you covered:

1 - Personal items - never register for something only you or only your fiance will ever use. Items like cell phones, golf clubs, jewelry are off limits.

2 - Wedding items - please don't register for wedding decor items or favors. I know the shower is before your wedding and people "want to help", but it's a bit tacky. OK, a lot.

3 - Items you don't have space for. Sure, a nice patio set would be perfect for when you eventually buy your dream house, but in your one bedroom apartment, you won't have room to store the item. Your parents really don't want to either and getting a storage unit doesn't usually make good financial sense.

Have fun with your registry. Let your fiance have a hand in making choices. Guys, especially, love going to the big box stores and playing with the registry gun. It's a great way to make sure both partners feel involved in the process.

For more tips and help with your wedding planning, contact me at info@bdeweddings.com or 609-668-0310. I'll always give you the honest truth!

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