I said "Yes", but now what - Bridesmaids Duties

You accepted the proposal to be her bridesmaid, but now what do you do? Besides continuing to the be the awesome friend that you have been to the bride, we've put together a list of duties you should be up for:

NJ Wedding Planner | Bridesmaids Duties

  • Be available for bridesmaids dress fittings

  • Be prepared to pay for your dress, accessories, day-of hair & make-up in the event that it is not a gift from the bride.

  • Set up dates throughout the planning process to just hang out with her - some can be wedding-based, most should not. She needs to maintain her identity as a person, not just a bride.

  • Help with decisions on bridesmaids' attire. Be flexible with decisions and gentle with your words.

  • Help the bride to pick out her dress. Be patient - you will all know when it's the one!

  • Help with any DIY elements of the wedding.

  • Help plan for and chip in towards the bachelorette party & wedding shower. Attend both celebrations. be sure to respect what the couple wishes for their celebration.

  • On day-of, have your hair & make-up done the way the bride asks.

  • Help bride on day-of with small errands.

  • Make sure she looks her best all day. Carry a lip gloss for her to reapply from time to time.

  • On day-of, be well-dressed, well-groomed, on-time and hydrated for all of the day's events. Don't arrive at ceremony drunk.

  • Dance! get the party started!

  • Tell her she's the most beautiful bride you've ever seen.

  • MOH should be prepared to give a short (3min or less) speech on the wedding day. no roasting... you can do that at the rehearsal dinner.

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