Let the Hardest Times Build Your Strongest Faith

Here goes another "coronavirus blog post". I know you all have more than information to read on the current events than you even care to look at, but I think this one is different. While social distancing yesterday, @TrentShelton came on FB live and gave us some #Rehab. (If you haven't listened in on his podcast yet, add it to your list. He's great. And real. We like real here.) While Trent talked us through the current situation with coronavirus and coached us to look at the bright side, he said these words: "Let the hardest times build your strongest faith." WOW! Those are some serious words. But how do they relate to the wedding industry.

At BDE, our focus is always primarily on the marriage, so by that token, that statement has EVERYTHING to do with the wedding industry. People can look at hard times as an out to what "broke" them, or they can dig in and get through it together building a faith in marriage stronger than one could even imaging existing.

Take my marriage, for example. When it was young, I was going through some medical things. After a particularly long surgery and recovery, I was certain that my fairly new husband had had enough. You know when you are under anesthesia how everything feels like 2 minutes but it was actually like 6 hours? Yeah, I didn't get that at the time. I just remember my husband standing at the foot of my hospital bed with a bookbag on his back and tears on his face. He told me, "I've got to go." And just like that, he was gone. I cried the rest of the night thinking it was over. I'd given him more than he bargained for and he couldn't handle a wife who couldn't talk and God only knows what else as we hadn't been able to assess the effects of removing a tumor from a pretty important nerve yet. I didn't even blame him. I understood. I didn't want him to have to deal with any of this either.

But then the sun came up and I heard a whistle come through the door. He was back. He came back. I cried again and told him how worried I was. He held me and cried, too. He said, "They kicked me out of here at 2am. It's quarter to six now." He was there. And I've never again questioned his commitment. He's seen me through uglier times than that particular surgery in NYC. I have more

Faith in his love and our marriage than anything else. The toughest times built my strongest faith.

As you face this virus and all the issues big and small that will come along in your marriage, lean into one another. Find your strength and your faith in one another. Let your hardest times build your strongest faith.


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