Silver Lining - Postponed Wedding Date

I'm a glass half-full type of person so let's look at the fact that you have to postpone your wedding day in a positive light.

There's more time! You know you were just feeling the crunch of time to get all the things done that you wanted to get done. Well, now you have more time to devote to the details that are important to you. Once the restrictions are lifted, go ahead and have another bridesmaids get-together to wax seal each escort card if that's something that was on your wish-list.

More time could equal more money. If you really wanted a videographer but didn't have room in the budget, now you may be able to include one for your new date. Maybe uplighting was an upcharge that you couldn't budget for your Spring 2020 wedding. Or possibly you and your fiance could now save up that vintage car (that this NJ wedding planner Billie loves so very much) or a special honeymoon that just wasn't in the cards previously.

Many times I've heard couples complain about the number of photos they have to stand for on their wedding days. This is not a knock against photographers! You've hired them to do a job for you and more than likely given them a list of a bazillion photos you want on your wedding day. You made that list one night at home while not thinking about the amount of time each photo could take to set up. Postponing your wedding gives you what I think is a great opportunity to schedule a photo session ahead of your wedding date with your photographer and get the formal portraits done in a less rushed atmosphere. It'll allow the photographer more time to work creatively (what they do best). You'll have a full walk-through of your wedding look (you already have your dress so why not play dress-up). And it will allow your photographer to capture more real-time moments on your wedding day. To me, it's win-win.

There's enough sadness and negativity in the world right now. So once you've determined that the best thing you can do for you and your guests is to postpone the wedding date, look for the silver linings! You have been given the gift of flexibility. Make the tweeks that you want to make and find ways to celebrate during the period between your original wedding date and new wedding date.

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