We see you over there, Mother of the Groom!

If you read my post a couple weeks back about MOBs (Mothers of the Bride) not knowing how to help in these "modern times", you can only imagine how MOGs (Mothers of the Groom) feel. We see you! We know that you've dreamed of your son finding his happily ever after for some time. We know that "tradition" tells you that you are supposed to take a backseat and let the bride and her family plan this day. These days, if couples are getting financial help from parents, I've seen that both sets of parents are kicking in for the big day. So where does that leave you? Are you just supposed to write a check and show up on the wedding day? No way! Below is a list of duties you can feel free to jump on:

NJ Wedding Planner | Mother of the Groom Duties

  • Take notice of the bride's tastes in jewelry when you notice they are getting serious to help groom choose the engagement ring if he asks.

  • Meet with the parents of the bride and the couple early on to discuss budget. Remind everyone that you have to settle on the budget before the guest list - it doesn't work the other way.

  • Create your guest list as well as suggestions for the couple as to who could sit together - especially who you would like at your table.

  • Gather the addresses early for your side of the guest list.

  • Plan & host the rehearsal dinner

  • Communicate with the groom's side of the family to be sure they have all wedding related details and deadlines.

  • Decide who you want to sit in the first row (or two) with you at the ceremony and let them know. Usually you and your husband's parents and/or siblings take these spots. Godparents are typically seated there as well.

  • Take the lead communicating the who, where, and what of the wedding day to the groomsmen

  • Be sure the groomsmen have more food than alcohol on the wedding day. Send a tray of sandwiches or soft pretzels to the hotel or where the guys are getting ready.

  • Offer a sentimental keepsake for your son to have with him on his wedding day - grandpop's watch or ring are often my favorites.

  • Be supportive of the bride. When you see her, ask how things are going and if there's anything she would like you to take on.

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