Weathering the Storm

How's your week going? Last week, I thought there was a lot of overreacting going on and I had planned out my week for business as usual. There would be school drop-offs and gym sessions - I had even worked in a few barre classes. Tuesday (today) would be St. Patty's Day so I'd wish my sister a happy birthday, probably have cake with family, and meet up with my suddenly Irish friends for a toast to the O'Irish or something. But life changes and here were are. We're all dealing with the #coronavirus together. My family is all hunkered down working and schooling from home.

Weather the Storm | NJ Wedding Planner

Work as a wedding planner is a bit crazy this week. There's talks and even some actions on postponements and downsizing of guest lists. There's gathering of contract clauses and back-up plans. There's checking restrictions and guidelines and updated epidemiology. There are curfews and travel restrictions. There are so many moving parts that I never thought would play into being a wedding planner. Wedding planning is supposed to be all lace and peonies, no?? It would be easy to feel drained and exhausted and sad, but I know that's no way to serve my clients. As I said, TOGETHER we're all dealing with the virus and it's outfall.

I'm working with vendors and clients alike to undo what's done and realign the stars to pick perfect wedding dates. When I took a moment to reflect last night, I was very thankful for the clients that have come my way. I'm not sure if it's me or if it's them or if we're just a perfect match, but each couple that has to shuffle things around for their #BESTDAYEVER has been remarkably calm and poised. I believe one of the main reasons is because I always impress on them that the MARRIAGE is the most important part of the wedding. I truly believe that if all of my couples were to get married at the courthouse (if it's even open), they could still have just as beautiful of a marriage. We keep the focus where it's supposed to be and all falls into place.

That's like life, right? We can all go into a panic that we're stuck inside or look at it as a blessing. We get to come back to our nuclear family (our "four-family and Wesson" as my 10yo calls us) and

reassess what's important. We get through all the things together.

To each of my couples, and any couple in this predicament, this is a test. This is only a test. This is your chance to come together as a couple, back-to-back, to take on all the world is going to throw at you. Your attitude and approach are everything. Face it with poise, confidence, and grace. We will weather this storm #together.

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