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Why it takes 3 to Tango - bride, groom, wedding planner - the FAQs

Why should I hire a wedding planner?

Now more than ever, couples are planning their wedding while working full time jobs and taking care of a home along with other responsibilities. Who has time to compare and contrast all of the wedding venues and vendors that are available today? Wedding planners do! You should hire a wedding planner so that you can enjoy your trip to the altar. Otherwise, every non-scheduled moment of your engagement will be spent planning 8-10 hours of your life.

Are you qualified to plan my wedding?

Short answer – Yes.

I’ve been certified by The Bridal Society (TBS) which is touted to be “one of the best, most informative certification conferences in the world. This certification program attracts people from all over the globe!” As a Certified Wedding Planner (CWP) through TBS, I am supported by thousands of CWPs worldwide.

Wedding planning usually consists of coordinating 8-10 local wedding vendors. In my other line of work, for 20 years, I have assisted an international company with the coordination of dozens of suppliers all over the world bringing product into multiple ports, several warehouses & satellite locations, to customer specific locations from multiple countries and regions around the world.

Once you’ve coordinated multi-national suppliers across a language barrier and time zones, wedding planning is cake – wedding cake!”

If my venue has a Catering Manager, do I need a wedding planner?

We SO value the Catering Managers we work with and we have worked with some of the best around. It’s a common misconception (I hope) that wedding planners and catering managers don’t mesh. I haven’t seen that to be the case. The Catering Manager is in charge of a very important part of your day and are respected by our company for that. We help him/her see to it on day-of that all vendors are aligned and coordinated.

Prior to the wedding day throughout the entire wedding planning process, we help you pick out colors, decide where to seat Aunt Martha who “cannot stand” Aunt Cindy and make many other important decisions. If you can buy your dress, favors, flowers, and invitations and book your DJ, transportation, and sending-off treats through them and if they will answer the call when your veil is ecru instead of off-white, then no, you don’t need a wedding coordinator. Otherwise, the wedding planner is available to help with all of the details from the RSVPs to budget management and so much more.

How many weddings do you plan per year, per month, per weekend?

My goal is to not have more than 2-3 weddings per month at this point. I believe in giving my all to your day though I will bring on assistants as needed. I believe in planning it as if it were my wedding. I believe in details. Two to three weddings per month is where I am happy at right now and where I am confident I can give you the best of me. So, pick your month quickly!

Will the coordinator I book with be the coordinator for my wedding and present on my wedding day?

I am intimately involved in the planning process for all my clients from the start to the finish (and usually well beyond as we become pseudo-BFFs). I do reserve the right to have an assistant on-site on day-of or have an associate planner run your wedding day. But, you will, of course, be notified of that well in advance. With COVID, the only way I can accommodate new dates/postponements/mini-weddings is with the help of an awesome team.

Do you do Day-of/Month-of Wedding Planning Packages?

I don't believe in month-of planning. I mean, I know it exists, I just know that it's not my jam. I feel my skill set is better for the long haul. However, in rare cases, I will take on a DO/MO job. In those instances, I would likely handle the planning and have a well-qualified assistant to manage the day.​

Do you have preferred vendors and how do you recommend which I should use?

I do (get used to those words). Preferred vendors make our lives so much easier. I’ll only recommend the vendors that I know I can depend on and will deliver you a wonderful product. After our consultation, I will determine your style and vision for your wedding. From that, I’ll search through my vendors and along with your budget, I will make some recommendations.

I will consider working with vendors who aren’t on my list, but I ask if you book me to handle the planning, please let me assess any vendors you’re dying to use first.

Will I lose control of my own wedding if I choose to go with a Wedding Planner?

No way! I want to help you create YOUR dream wedding, not MY dream wedding. I already did that once! You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want.

How long have you been in business?

Best Day Ever was “formally” established in 2015. I say formally because that just means I wasn’t getting paid to plan weddings before then.

I am fully licensed, certified, and insured.

How soon should I book a Wedding Planner?

Covid reigns supreme again. Book your must-have vendors ASAP! Even if your date is 2023, get your vendors lined up. It's that crazy!

Where do you plan weddings?

I am based in South Jersey, easily accessible to the Shore, NYC, and Philly and surrounding areas. I am willing to travel anywhere though so don’t click away if you’re getting married in Ireland or Paris. We can make it happen! Best Days happen all over the world!

I like you. Now how do I book you?

Aww thanks… I like you, too. Just head over to my CONTACT page, fill out the info and click. I’ll be in touch within 1-2 business days to get started on your Best Day Ever!

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