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You deserve it!

Yesterday, I spent some time awhile back chatting with the lovely, Tiffany Takter, owner of Bridal Suite Boutique in Hamilton, NJ. Her boutique is the thing of dreams, I tell you!

We were discussing the wedding industry (go figure) when we made a connection to another industry and it hit me, "Yes, that's it!"

I feel a struggle as a planner in getting brides to understand that they DESERVE a wedding planner. We related it to hiring a cleaning person to help out around the house every couple of weeks. If you haven't experienced the sparkle when you walk in and someone else cleaned your home, book yourself a cleaning right now.

Here's a list of "8 Reasons You Need a Housekeeper" by I believe every reason they have listed could be the same exact reason why you, Miss Bride-to-Be, deserve to have a wedding planner in your life!

1. You Work Full Time

Most couples today are already working 40, 50, 60 hours per week and commuting to and from the workplace. You deserve some down-time. Planning a wedding can become a second or third job and who has time for that?

2. You have a Busy Family Life

Every family's situation is different, but we all have obligations whether it's kids' practice, step-kids' rehearsals, play-dates, homework, or obligations or desires to visit family regularly. Where in your already hectic schedule will you have time to devote to planning and executing your Best Day Ever?

3.You Enjoy Entertaining

When planning a wedding, making time for having friends over slips down the priority list. When you need to vet photographers, florists, videographers, officiants, you won't always have time for the fun Friday nights. That could become prime planning time.

4. You Don't Know How to Clean

Have you ever tried to DIY a project like you saw Joanna and Chip Gaines do on HGTV? Did it come out the way you planned or how it looked on TV. Most likely, not 100%. Why?? Because they are professionals! They know what they are doing. They have the know-how and skills to get the job done. Same goes for wedding planning. A wedding planner has so many tips & tricks and, maybe most importantly, an arsenal called a preferred vendor list - people who they trust to get the job done.

5. You Don't Like Cleaning

When you set out on your career path (see reason #1 again), did you say, "I want to be a professional planner?" Most likely, you are in another field where I'm sure you excel and are using your skill set. Had planning been at the top of your bucket list, we'd be having coffee as fellow planners. As a planner, I LOVE seeing my clients' vision come together. I love all of the organizing and orchestrating that goes into the production of a wedding. Do what you love, they say!

6. You Have Elderly Family

This goes back to reason #2. Don't spend precious time working on timelines, itineraries, and booking your bridesmaids' fittings. Go sit with your grandparents and realize how blessed you are to have them at your wedding. Ask them about theirs. I'm sure that'll bring your soul joy.

7. You Have a Baby

See #2 again. Family is too important. Couples are typically engaged for a year or more. If you have a little one, spend those spare moments watching him/her grow.

8. You Deserve a Treat!

It's so hard to get today's Super Woman to accept that she deserves a treat! She's busy conquering the world in heels. I'm here to support you, Lois! Hiring a wedding planner is a luxury, but a luxury that you deserve.

Please don't arrive at your wedding day exhausted and just ready for the day to be over already. Let me help you arrive to your Big Day relaxed, eager, and excited. You'll still be Lois Lane in the eyes of all those who adore you, even if you ask for a little help.

Let's get started - email me at to hear about my wedding planning packages starting as low as $1200! article used for inspiration:

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