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What to Gift them?

I'm often asked by brides and grooms for suggestions on what to get their entourage for being who they are - the most important friends/family members ever. That's a toughie because, in many cases, I've not met your bridesmaids and groomsmen until the rehearsal. In this blog post - we're going to focus on the ladies on either side of the aisle. #LadiesFirst

I think that the best bridesmaid/groomsmen's gifts are a mixture of items for the wedding and some personal to each wedding party member. Some of my favorite options are below. Mix and match for happy friends!

The Robe... of course you NEED the robe! It's like the iconic getting-ready picture of the era!

PrettyRobesShop on Etsy | Best Day Ever | NJ Wedding Planner | Blog

Add some perfume or cologne! There's this awesome shop in #CapeMayNJ where you can take your pals and have each mix their own personalized fragrance. It's a super fun time! You could add Bath Time to the itinerary when you get away with the ladies for a spa weekend. There are several in the Cape May for all my #NJbrides !

Best Day Ever | NJ Wedding Planner | Blog

Speaking of cute little shops, in Allentown, NJ, there's a shop near and dear to my heart called Ivy on Main. My office was located within the boutique for awhile before I decided to take it mobile to be more accessible to all my couples for #NJWeddings, #NYweddings, #PAweddings. BUT, the boutique is still there and so super cute. They specialize in curating unique gift boxes with candles, pajamas, make-up, skin care, apparel, accessories... you name it and they'll box it up all pretty for you! I love the ReWined candles they carry... the champagne one seems to be perfect for the occassion! My favorite!!

Best Day Ever | NJ Wedding Planner | Blog

You can, of course, DIY a gift by sourcing a cute make-up bag with each lady's initial from Bridesmaids Gift Boutique. You can fill it with make-up for #day-of and touch-ups as well as a gift card to her favorite restaurant or spa. The bags are super cute and velvety soft. I really like the quality and personalization.

Best Day Ever | NJ Wedding Planner

Of course, you know your ladies better than me... if they'd like a trip to the ballgame or a show, get her tickets for a night out. In reality, the gifts can add up - maybe look into renting a place at the beach for a weekend as your gift to your ladies. Many brides are electing to pay a portion of the #bridesmaidsdress and/or #hairandmakeup. You should consider those expenses when planning out your gifts as well. No real friend would want you stressed out approaching your wedding day because you've spent too much on gifts. #Budget accordingly and happy gifting!


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