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5 Great Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer

While it may seem that just about anyone can pick up a camera and snap a good photo, this simply isn’t the case. Photographers have the professional skills, equipment, and training needed to capture the best-quality shots of people, animals, objects, events, and places — and edit each photo in a way that truly brings it to life.

To ensure that you’re capturing high-quality photographs, you absolutely need a professional photographer. Below, Billie of Best Day Ever Event Planning shares five reasons to hire a professional photographer — and how to find the right photographer for your needs.

1. You’re Getting Married

Weddings are meant to be remembered, and there’s no better way to remember the best day of your life than by hiring a professional wedding photographer. Your photographer will capture photos of you getting ready with your wedding party, seeing your bride or groom for the first time before the ceremony, and sharing a kiss after saying “I do.” Plus, you’ll capture photos of the rings, shoes, wedding dress, first dance, bouquets, cake, ceremony accessories, and anything else you’d like to remember from your beautiful wedding day.

2. You’re Selling a House

If you’re preparing to list your house for sale during the pandemic, you’ll need high-quality real estate photos that have been captured by a professional real estate photographer. A picture could make or break a potential home sale, especially now that most real estate showings are taking place online via virtual open houses, 3D home walkthroughs, and live video-chat tours with prospective buyers.

If your home isn’t photographed well, selling it could be a struggle — and buyers may be less inclined to schedule an in-person showing. So you’ll save time and money in the long-run if you hire a real estate photographer right from the get-go.

3. You’re Taking Family Photos

Whether you’re taking holiday photos or due for some updated family portraits, you’ll need a professional photographer to ensure that you’re getting the best lighting, backdrops, and composition. Plus, you can choose to shoot at a studio, in your home, or at an outdoor venue such as a park, garden, or beach. Hunter McRae shares some tips for choosing the best locations for your family portraits.

In addition to hiring a photographer for your family portrait sessions, it’s important to hire a professional for:

  • High school senior portraits.

  • Pet photography.

  • Sports photographs.

  • Significant birthdays (like a first birthday celebration or Sweet 16).

  • Other hallmark events, including Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and First Communions.

4. You’re Starting or Rebranding a Business

If you’re starting or rebranding a business, it’s important to hire a commercial photographer — especially if you need headshots, food or product images, and photos of your office or brick-and-mortar business. These photos will be used to build your brand, promote your products and services, land new clients, and generate sales. Stock photos can be used for emails, blogs, and social media posts, but you’ll need custom photography for your website and promotional materials.

5. You Have a Newborn

Newborn photos are images that will be treasured for the rest of your life, so be sure to hire an experienced newborn photographer after welcoming a new baby into your family. Newborn photos should be taken within five- to- 12 days of giving birth, however, so be sure to schedule the photo shoot in advance — if at all possible.

Moreover, maternity photos and gender reveal pictures are also popular among parents-to-be. Maternity photos are typically taken between weeks 28 and 36, or week 24 if you’re expecting twins.

To hire a photographer for your wedding, family portraits, or small business launch, be sure to choose the right type of professional for your project as some photographers specialize in people or branding while others prefer events such as weddings. Don’t settle on the first photographer you find: Do your research, read client reviews, and choose a

professional whose style aligns with yours!

Are you planning a wedding, corporate event, social gathering, or another type of party? Contact Billie of Best Day Ever event planning to learn about the different services on offer.


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