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Copy of Five Reasons You Need A Planner, Wedding People

Wedding planning (starts off) FUN! Why would anyone want to outsource such an important day? Check out the top 5 reasons below to get yourself a wedding planner ASAP!

Spend Money to Save Money:

Many times we hear, “we can’t afford a planner.” I ask, “How can you afford to NOT have a planner?” In the case of your wedding, sometimes you have to spend money to SAVE money. Best Day Ever’s goal in each wedding we plan is to pay for ourselves with the vendor savings we can offer and the helpful planning suggestions we make. In our first sit-down meeting, as a certified wedding planner, I will guide you and your partner to properly allocate your wedding budget so

Best Day Ever - NJ Wedding Planner

that you are spending your budget logically. We determine together what is important to you as a couple and make decisions throughout the process based on that plan. At my self-proclaimed “gold-star” wedding, the savings I brought to the table covered my higher-end planning package plus saved the couple an additional $800! I can’t guarantee results just like this for every wedding, but I certainly try for every couple.Now that I own my own travel boutique I'm more prepared than EVER to save you money by offering 5-star honeymoons and get-aways for less!

Who Has Time For That?

Would you believe that the average wedding takes 250 hours or more to plan? Who has that kind of time? Today’s couples are working sometimes multiples jobs each, going to school, running a household, and raising kids. In between all

of that, you want to throw together the wedding of your dreams. While we don’t have magic wand, we can make that dream wedding come to life with a lot less hours on your part. It’s truly a case of been there, done that. At Best Day Ever, we make it a priority that our couples focus on planning their marriage while we plan the wedding. I always say, “We’ve got the first 10-12 hours covered, you focus on the first 20 years after the last dance.”

Best Day Ever - NJ Wedding Planner

Good Cop / Bad Cop

Have you ever gotten your families together at Thanksgiving? Many people suffer anxiety by blending so many personalities just for a family dinner. Magnify that by about ten thousand percent when it comes to wedding planning. Sadly, it can be such a source of contention for many couples. At Best Day Ever, we lay the groundwork early to avoid as much of that as possible. We learn from our initial sit-down, our private questionnaires, and other interactions what is important to each player in the wedding. This includes the couple themselves, the venue, their

vendors, as well as any parents or family members that may be contributing to the wedding expenses. We have been trained how and when to offer advice that will push the pendulum one way or the other based on best practices, industry standards, and keeping an even score. We truly do not want anyone arriving on the wedding day feeling as if they haven’t been heard. This is a day to celebrate two families coming together. Let’s do it as nicely as possible.

Best Day Ever - NJ Wedding Planner

It's Like Clockwork

The timeline is second to only the marriage license when it comes to documents on the day of your wedding. If you want your day to run smoothly, be sure that you have all your vendors, the venue, your entire bridal party, and family on the same plan. Best Day Ever produces and distributes the multi-page, color-coded timeline to all vendors a week before the wedding day and to the bridal party and immediate family members at the rehearsal. Everyone will have a document to hold and refer to as needed to make sure they make it to the church on time, so to speak. Many couples are opting for rehearsals a couple days ahead of the wedding. The timeline becomes even more important reminding everyone of the game-plan on demand.

There is NO Magic Wand

Remember above where I said that we don’t have a magic wand? I wasn’t kidding. There’s really no fairy dust that transforms a ballroom, a tent, a hall, a backyard into the venue of your Pinterest dreams. It takes a lot of hard work, coordination, sweat, and sometimes a few tears to get it right. While you, your best friends, and your moms are all getting ready for the big event, someone has to take charge of the set-up and advocate for you and your wedding vision. On any given wedding day, my name is called about 400 times…so much so that I unofficially change my name for a couple of days at home (kidding, kind of). Without a planner, vendors would be left with three sources for day-of decision making – 1 – you, the couple, who should be spending the day worry-

NJ Wedding - Best Day Ever

free, 2- your parents who often resent having to step into the day-of coordinator’s role, or 3 – themselves who may make the easiest decision instead of the one most fitting with your vision. Best Day Ever’s planners will have formed a relationship with you. They will know how to answer questions and make decisions on your behalf on your wedding day to best fit your wedding vision. Have an advocate. Have a planner to make sure the day is uniquely yours and not just the way the vendor did things at the last wedding.


I know I said 5, and I'm not one for fear-mongering, but this is real. I can guarantee you that no wedding goes off perfectly. Something is bound to come up that could spell disaster if you don't have someone on your team prepared to handle almost any situation for you before you even know it exists. Like when the caterer is late, the little grey rain cloud opens up over your ceremony space 20 minutes before guests arrive, the manhole cover is a horrid shade of fluorescent green, you forgot to tell EVERYONE that your flower girls were to have floral crowns until the morning of your wedding, your reader is late...the list goes on. We handle it all for you so you can enjoy your day stress-free!

So now that you know why you need to hire Best Day Ever, let’s schedule your complimentary consultation to get planning started! Drop us an email at or give us a call at 609-668-0310. We would love for you to become a #BestDayEverBride.

For 2019, BDE proudly supports Amazing Mutts Puppy Rescue in honor of the one and only Boomerang.



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