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Go ahead - Get Married Anyway

Here at BDE, our emphasis is ALWAYS on the marriage. For that reason, I'm offering clients an alternative to pushing the wedding date off months or a year. You can still get married! Last I checked, an officiant, a couple, and two sets of parents equals 7. Check my math... But, that leaves 3 extra people to allow for blended families and close friends and still stay within the 10 person gathering limit currently in place because of #coronavirus. One of those close friends can livestream the entire ceremony. You can get married on your wedding date. Then, you'll just need to reschedule your reception (which I #certifiedweddingplanner aka #njweddingplanner can help with... no worries).

I've had clients in the past who decided to get legally married in the middle of their wedding plans. Life happened, health insurance was a thing, so they got married and handled the situation. They made lemonade out of lemons, so to speak.

Their actual wedding day came and they had all the details they had dreamed of and planned together over the years. Friends and family all gathered to celebrate their union. There were no nerves, no jitters, because they were already hitched. There were a few extra jokes about it being each of their second marriages and the best man had a bit of fun with it. But the day was perfect and they didn't regret for a single moment having made it legal months before.

If you want to get married on your original wedding date, call up your officiant and set the plans in motion. It's really that simple. What you plant, grows. Plant optimism and resourcefulness. They will serve you long after you say, "I do".

Of course, if you choose to completely reschedule due to your particular situation, I will support you every step of the way. I'm here to help. Let me know if you need some assistance during this crazy time


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