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The Best Thing to Come from 2021 YET

As a woman in her early twenties, wedding planning is always lingering in the back of my mind.

How can we take the traditional wedding agenda and make it unique?

Destination Wedding Travel Photos | NJ Wedding Planner
Destination Wedding Travel Photos

How do we give our beloved bridesmaids, groomsmen, and close family an experience like they have never had before?

2021 has brought us the greatest wedding trend that I have, honestly, ever seen. I like to call it a Vacadding? Or a Wedcation? To be honest I have no idea, but the name is far from the point.

Imagine this: You, your fiancé, your wedding party, and your close family straight loving life from Thursday to Sunday!

Destination Wedding Photos | NJ Wedding Planner
In a happy little foreign town

In my vision, Thursday would involve day drinks and a pool (with lots of sunscreen of course).

Friday morning for facials, massages, and whatever else you do to ease a hangover.

This lovely day is followed by your rehearsal dinner at night.

Destination Wedding | NJ Wedding Planner
Somewhere on a Beach

The dream wedding would be on Saturday (need I say more)?

Sunday brunch is my personal favorite, second only to the childhood dream wedding thing. Finish up the weekend with an amazing mimosa and carb filled meal to get ready for that honeymoon with the HUBBY!

This four day whirlwind of adventure is my favorite trend for a few reasons: