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You're Engaged! What's Next?

So happy you're here, happy, healthy, and engaged! Way to go! You've shown off the ring, made the social media posts, and have, at least mentally, picked your bridal party. Now what?

The next step is the most important step in your entire marriage if you ask me.... and you're reading my blog so that's basically like asking me, right? The very next thing I want you to do is to PRIORITIZE YOUR MARRIAGE. Never let your wedding plans come before your marriage plans. Take the time to love one another, to grow together, to dream together, & to be together.

One of my exclusive top ten wedding planning tips is to "Schedule your wedding planning sessions" that way the wedding doesn't take over your lives. One of the easiest, most effective ways to do that is to hire a wedding planner so we can keep you on track, get the wedding perfectly planned, but allow you the time to prioritize your marriage. Believe me, the payoff is priceless!

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Photos used within this blog were done by Joe Dantone Photography. Aren't they amazing?

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