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Danny & Victoria reached out to me when I was in the baby stages of my business and offered me the choice to sink or swim. And they didn't even know it. They hired me on as their wedding planner putting all their confidences in me that I could pull off a tented, backyard wedding for oh, say 300 people... and this was WAY before backyard weddings were trending (and when gatherings of 300 were allowed and awesome). I was up to the task. I rarely, if ever, have backed down from a challenge.

Did we ever pull it off? Oh yeah! I still have people reaching out to me asking to direct them to this venue. I smile each time and say, "that was a backyard wedding". I've since done COUNTLESS tented weddings, backyard weddings, estate weddings, whatever you choose to call them. It's kind of become my "thing", but as they say, you never forget your first. Elevating a simple backyard into an elegant wedding venue is one of the most amazing things I've experienced in life. Even though it's my hands & feet on the ground on day-of getting the work done, I still stand back in amazement at the completion of each set-up.

And, to my dear now-friends Danny & Victoria, way to be trendsetters! And I'm so proud of the life you're building together! With love, Billie

The photos in this blog were the amazing work of Beau Ridge Photography. Thanks Beau!


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